How Clearview Cruises Gracefully Redefined Harbour Dining

The Clearview glass boat cruising on Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background.
Experience unparalleled views of Sydney Harbour’s iconic attractions with a Clearview cruise.

For Sydneysiders, the harbour is the heart; the epicentre where they converge to enjoy a day out or celebrate special occasions. For visitors, the harbour is where they go to see the major attractions of the city. As a popular hub, it has a vibrant range of restaurants, cafes, bars and other eateries. Then, in 2016, 'Clearview Cruises' gracefully sailed into the fine dining scene on Sydney Harbour. While finding good restaurants was never a challenge, 'Clearview Cruises' brought about a unique and exciting twist – let’s understand how and why it captured the hearts of Sydneysiders…

It Is Sydney’s Only Glass Boat Dining Cruise

The Clearview's dining deck with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The ‘Clearview’ is a glass boat that offers the ultimate waterfront dining experience on the harbour. And what makes it one-of-its-kind? It is the only glass boat that hosts lunch and dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour!

This luxury cruising restaurant boasts two air-conditioned glass-wrapped decks – the pillarless Main Deck that offers a seated and served dining experience and the Mezzanine Cocktail Lounge with comfortable lounge seating. Every seat definitely feels like a window seat aboard the ‘Clearview’!

The SkyDeck, on the other hand, is a semi-covered open-air deck with bar stools and lounge seating – the perfect spot to take in 360° views of the stunning harbour. There is a licensed bar on all three levels for the convenience of the guests.

It Is An Unforgettable Waterfront Dining Experience

Guests enjoying themselves aboard the Clearview on a Sydney Harbour cruise.

With crisp linen and elegantly set tables, the dining saloon sets the stage for a dining experience that rivals any premium waterfront restaurant on the harbour. The food philosophy aboard ‘Clearview’ is simple; treat guests to gourmet food prepared with fresh, high quality Australian produce. Minimum cooking is used to extract natural flavours. To complement the menu, excellent beverage packages are offered.

But it's not just about the food; our attentive waitstaff ensure that service on board is exceptional at every touch point. To maintain the exclusivity of the experience, we do not encourage large tour groups and children below the age of 14 aboard the dinner cruise.

It Comes With A Side Of The Iconic Sydney Harbour

A stunning photograph showcasing the scenery during a Sydney Harbour cruise.

What sets this experience apart from a waterfront restaurant ashore is the luxury of ever-changing vistas. As the ‘Clearview’ glides along the breathtaking Sydney Harbour, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, beautifully lining the harbour shores; you're treated to 360° views of the dynamic beauty of the harbour.

Photographs merely hint at the magic that unfolds on board the glass boat, but a 'Clearview' cruise must truly be experienced firsthand. Whether you opt for a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise, dinner, or a special event cruise, the magic remains the same. So, if you’re ready for some Clearview magic, book your tickets now!

Posted on May 29, 2024

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