Best Australia Day Cruise On Sydney Harbour

Australia Day Lunch Cruises
Australia Day Lunch Cruises

After a fabulous month of celebration, the country looks forward to the auspicious day that marked a significant spot in the history as well as in the mind of the Australians. Australia Day with its magnificent lunch and dinner cruises, astounding celebrations and numerous events is an unavoidable part of the native culture. The country known for its abundant history and culture bestows spectacular events on the Sydney Harbour depicting the time gone by.

What to expect on an Australia Day cruise?

The popular and iconic events performed during Australian Day include the Ferrython, RAAF flyover, Tug and Yacht Ballet, Harbour Parade and much more. Watch the marvelous ferries venture from Circular Quay to Shark Island and back to conclude with an amazing finish at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney’s First Fleet, as they are popularly known, can be spotted from prime viewing locations which include vantage points around the harbour and cruises that sail within the natural harbour of Sydney. Undoubtedly, Australia Day lunch cruises are the best available options to enjoy not only the Ferrython but all major Australian Day events.

Ferrython will be followed by a 21-gun military salute by the armed forces at Bradfield Park and HMAS Choules positioned between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Gaze up to the sky from the decks of a premium glass boat as the RAAF jets, navy helicopters and Qantas aircraft showcase their piloting skills. The Tug and Yacht ballet is a waltz to watch from the 360° glass-paned dining saloon.

Go on board Clearview Cruises and take in event views of everything right from an array of yachts, tugboats, ferries and jet skis as they move effortlessly across the harbour in a choreographed way.

Take amazing pictures of Sydney Harbour Parade from the elegant cruise sailing alongside the vessels and sporting masts covered with bright colours and flags. The armada of watercraft differing in shapes and sizes parading the waves are a spectacle to ogle upon. The synchronised procession of all wonderful vessels representing archaic sailing methods is something you can watch only during Australia Day. During their time on board an Australia Day dinner cruise, each and every passenger is sure to enjoy the privilege to watch all harbour events in succession. Step back in time as you watch these historic vessels conquer Sydney Harbour.

Grab a drink from the fully-licensed bar on board the Australia Day Clearview lunch cruise as you sit down to spectate one of the oldest continuously-conducted sailing regattas in the world. Watch an assortment of vessels from the large ocean-racing yachts to radio controlled modern yachts and 18-foot skiffs.

The night is as exciting as the day, the harbour will be adorned by array of lights and soothing music. Australia Day celebrations are incomplete without the splendid illumination over the Circular Quay. An Australia Day dinner cruise is perfect to enjoy the demonstration of pyrotechnics, music, jet ski, light installations and flyboard prowess. The Sky Deck positioned in the apex of Clearview is the apt vantage point to take in the amazing Australia Day fireworks and also see the illuminated vistas of Sydney. Want to know more about this spectacular cruising experience? Read on...

Irresistible features of the premium glass vessel

Clearview Cruises offers you with a choice of 4 scintillating Australia Day cruises with inclusions varying from freshly-prepared 4-course seated-and-served menu to a delicious table banquet, topped off by premium drinks.

The freshly prepared canapés and sumptuous 3-course menu or top-quality table banquet, when topped by impeccable views of Australia Day events are what make a Clearview cruise the best thing that you can enjoy on Sydney Harbour.

Choose from dinner cruises that let you relax after a bustling day on Sydney Harbour. The selection of premium wines and beers included in the cruise adds up to the reasons why you should visit this amazingly designed vessel of luxury.

Posted on December 21, 2018

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