Clearview Wedding Charter Package

Wedding Charter Package Inclusions

  • 4-hour deluxe wedding cruise
  • Menu tasting for 6 guests once deposit is paid
  • Full formal dining table set up
  • Tantalising 3-course gourmet menu
  • Restaurant style high quality table set up, plates, crockery & cutlery
  • Free use of lectern and microphone
  • NSW maritime safety regulation compliant
  • Pick up & drop off from convenient Sydney Harbour wharf
  • Professional Australian Cruise Group team assurance
Licensed Boat Capacity: 480
Seated & Served: 260
Cocktail Style: 440
Charter Packages From $170/Guest
4-hour duration | Menu | Beverages included
Indicative Tailored Charter Pricing (based on 4 hours)
  • 180 guests or more | $170
  • 160 guests or more | $180
  • 140 guests or more | $190
  • 120 guests or more | $200

+$20 per person additional surcharge applies to all package prices on Saturdays

Minimum Spend Requirements

Minimum spend is based only on direct ACG charges of food, beverage and cruise. All entertainment and outsourced services are additional to the minimum spend, which will be itemised on the quote and invoice.

Saturday Nights

1 Sep - 1 Apr | $20,000

Peak Period: 10 Nov – 24 Dec

DINNER Friday & Saturday nights | $30,000 based on 3hrs | $35,000 based on 4hrs

LUNCH Thursday - Sunday days| $20,000 based on 3hrs | $24,000 based on 4hrs

Vivid Period

Saturday nights | $30,000 based on 3hrs | $35,000 based on 4hrs

Friday nights | $25,000 based on 3hrs | $30,000 based on 4hrs


Public holiday charters will incur additional surcharges due to Australian penalty rates applicable for the specific day. The above prices and minimum spends are not applicable on public holidays. Please request tailored quotes for public holidays.


+$20 per person additional surcharge applies to all package prices on Saturdays.

Peak Period: 10 Nov – 24 Dec

DINNER: Friday & Saturday nights +$20 per person additional surcharge applies to all package prices during peak period.

Public Holidays

Public holiday charters will incur additional surcharges due to Australian penalty rates applicable for the specific day. The prices and minimum spends are not applicable on public holidays. Please request tailored quotes for public holidays.

How soon before my wedding date should I book?

Ideally, we recommend that bookings made at least minimum of 12 months in advance if you are looking for a peak Saturday evening. If your dates are flexible, 3-6months notice would be sufficient.

Will price vary for different dates/days for a same wedding package?

Yes, price varies based on demand.

How do I reserve a date?

You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve a date.

When do you need our final numbers?

14 days prior to your cruise date

How many weddings will be booked on my special day?

Generally, only 1 wedding/day

Can we come in to see the venue once we have booked?


How many guests can your venue accommodate?

Please refer to vessel details online. Click Here

Is wedding packages cheaper if we don’t book Saturday evenings?


Do you offer discounts on mid-week days and Sundays?


Do you offer combined ceremony and reception package?


What is included in a wedding package?

The cruise, menu and beverages plus any other inclusions within your package.

How long do you hold a tentative booking for us?

We do not hold a tentative booking.

Are your licenses and insurance up to date?


Payment Related
What deposit is required to confirm a booking?

Please refer to your quote.

How do we make payment for the event?

By EFT or credit card (surcharges apply)

Is there a service charge on top of the bill?


Are there any cleaning fees, overtime charges, insurance-fees?

Extension of cruises will incur an additional charge – needs to be settled onboard. No cleaning and insurance fees.

When is final payment due?

14 days prior to the cruise date

Do you offer an instalment payment option?


Does payment by credit card involve a surcharge?


What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to Terms & Conditions on your quote.

Are children allowed on the premises?


Does the venue provide children's meals?


Does the venue provide highchairs?


Wedding Cake
Can I bring in a cake from a bakery?


Do we include a cake stand?


Does the venue provide containers for left over wedding cake?


How will the wedding cake be served?

We cut and serve individual pieces.

Food + Beverage Related
Do you offer menu tasting?

Yes. Once a deposit has been paid, we offer menu tasting for max of 6 guests.

Can we arrange extra platters of canapes & finger food?

Yes – additional charges apply.

Is there an in-house caterer or do you allow outside caterers?

We have onboard galleys and chefs we will cater for your event.

Are plates, silverware, and glassware provided?


Is there a food and beverage minimum?

No. Food and beverages are included in the package.

Do you allow us to bring in our own alcohol?


Can spirits be made available?


What is the last possible date that we can make changes to diagrams and timeline?

7 days prior.

Do you have a professional wedding planner?


Who will be our point person prior to the day of our wedding?

Charter consultant.

Who will be our point person on the day of our wedding?

Cruise Director

What we go through in our final meeting?

Finalising your event sheet (generally meetings are held over the phone).

Who produces the display guest list?


When should we arrive?

15min prior to the boarding time

What time will my guests and vendors have to leave the facility?

Finish time indicated on your booking

Where can I have my wedding ceremony?

Varies between vessels.

How many guests can you have at your venue?

Please refer to the vessel details.

Can I provide bonbonniere & wedding favours?


Who provides place cards?


When are table seating arrangements required?

7 days prior.

Can I use the Bridal Lounge to get ready in?

Yes, if the facility is available on a specific boat
Clearview – luxury Bridal change room
Blueroom – small room
Magistic 2 – no facility available
Showboat – no facility available

When do we do our bridal dance (if any)?

Client gets to choose the timing

Could we toss the Bouquet & Garter?


How can we extend our reception?

Please speak to the Cruise Director onboard – additional charges apply and needs to be settled onboard.

Where can we farewell our guests?

At the gangway.

What is the wet weather back up plan?

Varies between vessels.

What it if rains?

All vessels are restaurant style cruising boats with large dining saloons.

When is bump in?

Maximum 2-hours prior to the cruise, or previously agreed with the charter consultant.

When is bump out?

Within 2 hours at the end of the cruise.

How many people can sit at each table?

We don’t offer round tables. Max 12 guests per table.

Who prepare the table menus?

We provide the table menus. Three per table.

Who organises ceremony music?


What music entertainment can we have at the reception?

Client decides.

Can we have a DJ or band and dancing?

Client can book their own DJ or we can provide a DJ.

Is there any noise level restrictions?

Guests are requested to comply to NSW regulations.

Decoration + Setup
Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down décor and when?

Client – before and after the event. We do not allow any attachments to the walls/glass of the vessel

Are there decoration limitations and do you allow candles?

Yes, candles are allowed provided they are in safe candle holders.

Are table, chairs and decorations included?

Please refer to your package details.

Are there any restrictions in terms of decorating or styling the vessel?

Please refer charter Terms & Conditions.

When does the client collect personal items and any decorations brought onboard?

End of the cruise.

What overnight accommodations do you provide?


Are there adequate bathroom facilities?


Is three coat check?



There are many paid parking stations around King Street Wharf. Please make your own decisions.

Are taxis available?

There are many taxies available around King Street Wharf.

Can you accommodate physically challenge guests?

Our vessels are not equipped to accommodate physically challenged guests.

Are there restrictions for the photographer in terms of flash usage?


Do you allow pets?


What Our Guests Say

We had an absolutely fabulous evening. Above expectation Friendly staff, beautiful vessel, high quality food. Very relaxed, dinner was not rushed& we were told what each course was. During this awful bush fire season we were lucky to have a clear night with no smoke. I will absolutely recommend this dinner cruise. Thank you to all.


3 years ago I chose this dinner cruise and till now Ive been 4 time and every time taking different people which they feel in love with Amaing crew , beautiful setting and great atmosphere. I do recommend this ship to everyone who want to experience some classy in the harbour.


Loved to have the cruise for my 30th defiantly would recommend this and do it again myself, thank you to all the staff had a great experience.

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