Vivid Sydney’s Iconic Drone Show Returns

The Opera House, Harbour Bridge and other Sydney Harbour precincts light up during Vivid Sydney
Aerial view of Sydney Harbour and it’s illuminated icons during the annual Vivid Sydney

Once the sun sets over Sydney during the Vivid Sydney season, the city undergoes a magical transformation, becoming almost unrecognisable from its daytime appearance. A breathtaking sea of enchanting lights stretches as far as the eye can see, turning the urban landscape into a mesmerising wonderland.

From May 24th to June 15th, the festival treats you to 23 nights of incredible Vivid Sydney programmes! Each of them is wonderfully unique, and offers a wealth of fascinating experiences. Trust us, deciding what to see will be the toughest choice you'll make. However, one event stands out among the rest—the breathtaking drone show!

What Is It Called?

Ah, well, well, well! While Valentine's month may have bid us adieu, love is still in the air, and you can see it light up the Sydney sky on 8th, 9th, and 15th of June. This year, Vivid Sydney’s iconic drone show is aptly titled Love Is In The Air.

Going by this year’s theme 'Humanity,' it's a delightful homage to one of humankind’s greatest qualities: the ability to love and be loved. As Vivid Sydney's official website puts it, "Romantic love is an instinctive part of human nature. Our capacity to love and show compassion are the best aspects of humanity."

What To Expect?

Expect nothing short of pure magic! After last year's phenomenal success, this year's show promises to be even more unforgettable. Curated by visionary festival director Gill Minervini and featuring the beats of Sydney-based DJ and Producer Peewee Ferris, prepare to be spellbound as around 700 drones choreograph a mesmerising dance across the night sky, painting universal symbols of love with their illuminated trails.

It's set to be one of the standout Vivid Sydney events of the year!

Where To See It?

So, mark your calendars and make your way to Circular Quay to witness this wonderful spectacle firsthand. And for the ultimate viewing experience of Love Is In The Air, come aboard our 'Clearview' glass boat on Sydney Harbour. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you'll have the prime spot to catch every magical moment of the drone show. Moreover, you can enjoy the Chef’s Signature dinner and the best hospitality too. Don’t miss the best of the festival on our Vivid Sydney cruises, and create unforgettable Vivid memories with us.

This year’s drone show is going to be an ethereal experience for sure. Come, bask in the glow of Sydney's skyline as it becomes the backdrop for this enchanting display of love. Who knew drones could be such hopeless romantics! Let them sweep you off your feet, and steal your hearts!

Posted on April 17, 2024

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