Unique Corporate Christmas Party Ideas & Venues In Sydney

Corporate Christmas Party Venue
Corporate Christmas Party Venue

We’re approaching that exciting time of year again! It’s time to plan out your corporate Christmas party and if you’re reading this, chances are that you’re out of venue and entertainment ideas? It’s quite likely that your coworkers are all waiting for the annual end-of-the-year party to make memories and blow some steam off the year that’s coming to a close, so the pressure is definitely mounting!

Meet and exceed expectations this year- here’s to planning the best Christmas party in Sydney!

Pre-Party Planning

Here’s a few things to keep in mind before you set any of your plans in stone! 

  • Keep the boss happy - Make sure you meet up with the boss and outline the expectations s/he may have from the party. This helps you tailor your corporate Christmas party venue and entertainment to suit what s/he thinks is best for the company. 

For example: If your boss is inclined towards a classy sit-down affair complete with polished silver and quaint cutlery in an immaculate setting for the corporate Christmas party, a Christmas party cruise is the ideal venue in Sydney. 

However, if you’ve jumped the gun and laid down a deposit on that new paintball park in town for your party, odds are you’ll be his first (and perhaps only) target out on the paintball field!  

  • Finalise the budget - This is one of the other things that must be sorted out with the boss beforehand. It’ll give you an idea of what are the absolute essentials for the party and if you can splurge when it comes to venue, entertainment and decor. You may need to cut back on a few things too, but it’s all part of the party-planning process! 
  • Start off well in advance - Plan out and book your corporate Christmas party venue in Sydney well in advance because most of the best places get sold out if you wait too long. A good guideline is to get your booking finalised by the end of September! 

The best corporate Christmas party venues in Sydney

The venue can make or break your office Christmas party - so choose wisely!

  • Luxury: 

This is one of our top recommendations, come Christmas season - a Clearview Christmas party cruise! While there are plenty of restaurants eager to be the venue for your holiday party, the backdrop of a glass boat is truly as good as it gets. Marvel at the spectacular Sydney Harbour views from the comfort of your seats because on this Christmas cruise, every seat is as good as a window seat! Sit back and enjoy the views and the fine-dining degustation menu with a drink in hand. Cheers to a cheerful Christmas with colleagues!

  • Quirky: 

If you’re looking for a venue that’s out of the box, axe-throwing is a great way to get all of your employees to vent out their frustrations in a controlled setting. It’s sure to leave you and your party a lot more at peace than when you entered, sporting a smile on your face. 

  • Budget-friendly: 

With several watering holes around Sydney and smaller restaurants stepping up their holiday party hosting abilities, things are a lot easier these days. If it’s all still off budget, why not have an in-office Christmas party and spend your budget towards decor, food, booze and entertainment. Great for the pocket and everyone’s sure to be a lot more comfortable in these familiar settings- the party’s going to get started a lot earlier than usual! 

Whatever it is that you plan on doing this Christmas, we’re hoping your colleagues and you have a holiday to remember to ring in the end-of-the-year right! 

Posted on August 28, 2019

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