5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Planning Valentine’s Day In Sydney

Clearview glass boat Valentine’s Day dinner cruise
Clearview Glassboat Valentine's Day Dinner Cruise

Think outside the (chocolate) box, ditch the boring old dinner and roses to surprise your Valentine. Don’t get stuck in the Netflix and chill rut this Valentine’s Day, since that’s pretty much reserved for every other day. We’ve got a few tips for you to keep in mind before finalising your Valentine’s Day plans in Sydney- and why a Clearview glass boat Valentine’s Day dinner cruise is the perfect plan! 

  • Step Away From The Crowds 

The most important thing to remember when you’re finalising Valentine’s Day dinner plans is to make sure you’re far away from the crowds. There’s no doubt in the fact that the Sydney Harbour is a stunning place and everyone’s going to want to spend Valentine’s Day in a place this beautiful.

Why Choose Clearview: This is exactly why a Valentine’s Day dinner cruise onboard the Clearview glass boat is the perfect plan. The cruise caps bookings to a number where all of the patrons get the privacy they deserve on their romantic Valentine’s Day cruise

  •  Exceptional Service & An Impeccable Setting

It’s not enough that you’re on a premium cruise, service matters- especially on a Valentine’s Day dinner cruise. The waitstaff onboard need to be friendly and approachable but also need to allow privacy for you and your partner to enjoy a romantic night out. 

Why Choose Clearview: The friendly waitstaff onboard Clearview Cruises know how to tread the perfect balance between serving you and allowing you your privacy. The luxury glass boat built to the highest nautical standards is additionally an exceptional venue for special celebrations. 

  • Dress Up This Valentine’s Day

Nothing can kill a good celebratory vibe quite like being all dressed up for an event or to suit a venue and spot other patrons dressed in a casual tee, beach shorts and thongs! Make sure to pick a venue that has a strict dress code (and one that’s actually followed).

Why Choose Clearview: There’s a minimum dress code that patrons are expected to follow on the Clearview Valentine’s Day dinner cruise- collared shirts and pants for men and women are to dress as they would for a dinner in a quality restaurant. 

  • Wine & Dine

Your food and beverage selection for this special Valentine’s Day dinner can make or break your evening. The key is to choose a fine dining menu that both your partner and you like with beverages included (it is a celebration, after all!). 

Why Choose Clearview: The 8-course seafood-inspired degustation menu with drinks! Enough said. 

  • Plenty Of Photo-Ops 

If you’re splurging on a night out, might as well take plenty of pictures to remember the evening! If your Valentine’s Day dinner location offers spectacular views, you’re sorted! 

Why Choose Clearview: Dressed in your best, cruising on Sydney’s most spectacular glass boat, Instagram-worthy plates of food and iconic 360° views of Sydney Harbour’s best landmarks- just a few reasons why you’re going to want to take plenty of pictures of the entire evening. 

Do Valentine’s Day a little differently this year with Clearview Cruises!

Posted on January 22, 2020

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