Sydney’s Most Coveted Degustation Menu On A Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Welcome to an experience of a lifetime; an all-new, premium 8-course seafood inspired degustation menu on a dinner cruise on Sydney’s favourite glass boat awaits. This dinner cruise in Sydney stands tall on its three pillars- premium location, luxury interiors and fine dining- thus offering an unforgettable experience to all patrons.

Every aspect of this glass boat dinner cruise in Sydney is truly sublime, to say the least. You are pampered from the very moment you walk in, shown to your reserved tables by friendly staff. The 360° harbour views through the glass façades that drape the boat are incomparable to most of the other experiences offered on the harbour. The all-glass air-conditioned dining deck is synonymous with bespoke luxury standards of dining, where every seat feels like a window-seat; this is truly the epitome of Sydney Harbour dinner cruise experiences. In addition, this cruise limits bookings only to those above the age of 18 and smaller groups (children and large tour groups are not allowed on board) thereby maintaining the decorum of this truly premium dining experience.

The synergistic marriage of these dynamic roving views with the luxury dining that follows, sets this Sydney Harbour dinner cruise a class apart from the rest.

People often confuse degustation menus with “dramatic dining”, all of which eventually draws away from the sanctity of the food on the plate. This isn’t necessarily the case, for this gourmet experience strays away from the theatrics of molecular gastronomy and focuses on serving immaculate dishes that appeal equally to the eyes and the palate.

First flavour

A roving service of canapés against the views of the illustrious harbour on the Top Deck of the glass boat.

  • Tartlets of Huon Valley smoked salmon that melt in the mouth
  • Golden-fried king prawns accompanied by Szechuan salt & pepper

The first flavour awakens the taste buds and teases for the meal ahead. The vegetarians aren’t left far behind and are served a delicious seasonal round of canapés to the table.

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise
Clearview Dinner First Flavour

Main flavour

  • The silent union of the saltiness of the sea and the meats of the land played forth by the butterflied West Australian prawns and sliced roasted kangaroo served alongside a fresh contemporary Caesar salad.
  • The lush complexity of a seafood mix and the nostalgic feeling coalesce to create a wonderfully simple yet flavourful steamed mixed seafood dumpling, plated alongside snow pea tendrils and aged Mirin transporting you to your oriental fantasies.
  • There’s so much balance that comes with infusing savoury platters with that right note of sweetness; and this platter is the ideal example. An exquisitely roasted duck breast served with blackberries and golden raisins is, for sure, more than meets the eye.
  • And last but not the least, true blue Australian - a premium Australian beef tenderloin served with a mushroom medley gets us drooling.
Clearview Dinner Main Flavour
Clearview Dinner Main Flavour

Vegetarians, don’t feel left out; the beetroot ravioli has earned laurels from all over.

Clearview Dinner Vegetarian Flavour
Clearview Dinner Vegetarian Flavour

Dessert is to be shared between two guests and is a deconstructed dessert extravaganza. That’s all we have to say. Wouldn’t want to ruin the sweet surprise.

Clearview Dinner Sweet Flavour
Clearview Dinner Sweet Flavour

The landscape of dining in Sydney is constantly evolving, the city being the melting pot of cultures that it is, thereby earning the reputation of being Southern Hemisphere’s culinary capital. Experience the flavours of Sydney on this glass boat dinner cruise.

*Disclaimer: This blog is based on the current menu on Clearview dinner cruise in Sydney. Menu may be subject to minor changes.*

Posted on April 29, 2019

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