Sydney is Back With life | Loosened Covid Restrictions and Upcoming Events

Clearview Sydney Harbour Cruises
Clearview Sydney Harbour Cruises

It is enough hibernation! Wake up from your sleepy Sydney city life and indulge in the festive vibes of the upcoming special events. Sydney, the gracious city with an epic nightlife and a plethora of both natural and urban masterpieces and attractions is all set to captivate you with its charm and radiating liveliness. Sydney Harbour, one of the sought-after travel destinations and home to the two iconic Sydney landmarks such as the heritage-listed Harbour Bridge and Opera House can be seen as a highly absorbing atmosphere filled in with energy and enthusiasm. Here is a list of upcoming harbour events that ensure a once-in-a-life-time kind of experience. You might have been to Sydney Harbour before, but this would be a lulu!

Sydney Harbour Christmas Party 2021 

The spirit and joy of the season has already unfurled. Take it to the water this time and be dazzled, get on board one of the best glass boat Christmas party cruises in Sydney offering both dinner and lunch packages so that you can choose one at your convenience for an unmatched corporate Christmas party experience on Sydney Harbour. Enjoy a scrumptious signature dinner or a banquet lunch menu from the onboard kitchen and a highly sophisticated dining experience from the air-conditioned dining deck lined with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Show off your party skills in front of your boss and colleagues and relish in the atmosphere. Enjoy an unmatched party experience at reserved tables exclusively for your group, without overcrowding. You could even charter the vessel if you are in search of a private get together. Catch sight of the harbour attractions along your route and photograph your memories without fail.   

How Strengthening Ties Work on Christmas Day 

As Dr. Seuss said in the film How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), Christmas means a little more than buying some greeting cards, and fancy gifts from a shop. Christmas helps people to strengthen their bonds with love, wonder, and joy. Celebrate the upcoming Christmas Day with your close ones and make memories together with love and delight aboard a glass boat Christmas Day lunch cruise. You can enjoy a freshly prepared delicious signature lunch menu along with your traditional Xmas favourites. Enjoy an elite cruising experience and take in the million-dollar views of the Sydney Harbour marvels while relaxing on the air-conditioned vessel with 3 meter glass windows, enclosed dining saloon, and a mezzanine lounge. Try combining your lunch with Aussie beverages including refreshing soft drinks, beers and wines available for the duration of the cruise. Taste pure luxury and indulge in the exceptionally “feel good” vibes of Sydney Harbour.   

NYE 2021: Bigger & Bolder 

It would be a loss if you couldn’t take in the visually enticing views of the fun, loud, and uncompromising New Year’s Eve celebrations on the harbour. New Year’s Eve has the ability to take all the delightful Sydney city aspects and multiply it by about a thousand. Enjoy breathtaking beauty of Sydney Harbour attractions on board the sought out glass boat New Year cruises and fire up your experience with a deluxe 5-course seated and served dinner freshly prepared to perfection and premium beer, wine, and spirits available for the duration of the cruise from the fully licensed bar onboard. The boat positioned in a pre-designated safe exclusion zone will help you to take in the prime views of the 9pm and midnight fireworks display. You can step into the spacious Clearview Sky Deck offering unobstructed 360° views of the illuminated Sydney city skyline. Its unique cutting-edge nautical design will help you to capture some stunning photographs of the charm of the world’s biggest NYE celebration. Enjoy your 7-hour cruise, dinner, drinks and the views of the amazing display and harbour wonders with an all-inclusive package. Are you ready to be consumed in the festive vibes of Sydney Harbour?   

Posted on November 17, 2021

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