Romantic Sightseeing and Dining Experiences in Sydney

lunch cruise sydney
Lunch cruise in Sydney

With historic attractions, heritage trails and lush green escapades, the city of Sydney is beautiful and blessed. To have a romantic experience in Sydney won’t be as hard as you imagine as the city has many destinations and experiences apt for sharing with someone special. A lunch cruise in Sydney, a trip to Blue Mountains, exploring the coastal walks on a skippered boat and the list is endless. 

South Coast 

The South Coast in Sydney is known for its white sandy beaches, azure-hued waters, magnificent bushlands and more. As you drive south of Sydney, you will come across a number of beachside towns such as Shellharbour, Kiama and Gerringong. The rugged coastline has many adventures on offer such as deep-sea fishing, surfing, swimming with the seals and coastal walks. You can either take a train at Sydney Central Station to cover popular destinations at the above-mentioned beachside towns or simply rent a campervan and explore its campgrounds and caravan parks. To find some of the best surf beaches in Australia, drive between Shellharbour and Kiama. Two other interesting things you can engage in as a couple is a whale watching tour and an Aboriginal cultural tour. And hey! Don’t forget to visit Kiama Blowhole, the world’s largest blowhole.  

Lord Howe Island 

Travel to Lord Howe Island, a paradise of a land with spectacular natural surroundings including its coral reefs and white sandy beaches. The island is Australia’s biggest bird watching destination, with more than 10 seabird species choosing this island to raise their chicks. You can come here for a romantic getaway with your partner and engage in fun activities like a stand-up paddle board, fishing, snorkeling, diving, hiking and daywalking. Today, the Island has restrictions for intaking visitors due to the pandemic, which means it’s never crowded. Some of the must-visit places at Lord Howe Island include Mt Gower, Ball’s Pyramid, Erscott’s Hole, Ned’s Beach, Transit Hill, Old Settlement, Blinky beach, Malabar Hill and Admiralty Islands. Another highlight of this island is its endemic species. The island ecosystem, as observed, is a great example of ecosystems evolved from submarine volcanic activity. Not to mention, the island is a remnant of an extinct shield volcano that dates back to some 7 million years.  

Sydney Harbour For the uninitiated, Sydney isn’t just known for Sydney Harbour but also for its abundant natural wealth that harmoniously coexists with its urban life. Whether it’s a getaway from the bustling city into the lush green rainforest hideaways or a stargazing experience from a bubble tent, Sydney has more than just a few options for couples. However, Sydney Harbour does maintain a reputation that’s hard to match. For a romantic lunch date with your partner, we know exactly what could be right for you! A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise that takes you in for a relaxed trip across the harbour waters. You can choose our glass boat lunch cruise that offers a lavish and delectable banquet menu that is curated by experienced chefs on board. A lunch cruise combines sightseeing and dining, and sometimes entertainment at reasonable rates. We suggest the glass boat as it promises luxury at its best and does not allow individuals below the age of 14 to maintain the cruise decorum. With fully air-conditioned interiors, spacious dining set-up and viewing decks that offer uninterrupted views of the harbour, the glass boat is designed to impress. Don’t forget to carry your camera as you will be cruising past the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and it would be too silly not to capture a few photos for the ‘gram!

Posted on July 30, 2021

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