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Lunch cruise in Sydney
Lunch cruise in Sydney

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a luxury break from a monotonous and hectic life, especially if you’re in a big city like Sydney. Known for its glitzy hotels, designer boutiques, world-class restaurants and everything luxury, you’ll clearly see the reason why it’s called the Emerald City. Read on to know more about the luxe experiences the city has to offer. 

Sydney Harbour is a name that rings many bells for tourists and the locals in the city alike. It is home to a number of iconic landmarks including the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. You will also discover that the harbourside is filled with numerous amazing restaurants that are internationally acclaimed and provide an elegant and luxury ambience worth every penny. Another luxury option you can indulge in is a Sydney dinner cruise. The evening and night lights at the harbour are a mesmerising sight that will take your breath away! One of the best ways to capture the essence of Sydney Harbour at night is to get on board one of our luxury cruises that will take you around the harbour, offering you prime views of the spectacular building and lights. If you prefer a daytime cruising experience, hop on board one of our lunch cruises in Sydney. You can take amazing pictures of the harbour attractions from on board these cruises. Book your seats on board one of our cruises to ensure a fantastic memory of Sydney. Clearview Cruises is a premium cruise we have on offer and it’s a highly recommended choice for those of you who are seeking luxury experiences in the city. Get on board the amazing Clearview glass boat dinner cruise that offers a 360° view of the harbour and serves a delicious degustation menu freshly prepared by our experienced chefs. There are plenty of other restaurants in the city with awe-inspiring waterfront views. To delight your senses, dine at one of Sydney’s best waterfront restaurants and you’re sure to be impressed! 

A well-tailored Sydney tour is sure to include the city’s best-kept secrets and alluring attractions. There are luxury hotels offering stunning harbour panoramas and internationally acclaimed restaurants serving world-class dishes in the city. Some of the World Heritage-listed sites including the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley wine region, the coastal heavens of Central Coast and the white sands of Bondi Beach are known for its manifold luxury experience. If you’re more of a nature-lover, we suggest you head over to any of these destinations to rejuvenate among the stunning natural sceneries and, not to mention, opulent accommodation to make the most of the tours. Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine region that is known for its world’s best wines; visit the Valley to experience the finer things in life on a food and wine tasting tour. Similarly, the Blue Mountains is a great place to feel connected to nature. Indulge in a spa, enjoy good food and wine while taking in the amazing scenes from a private resort. Take your luxury break at one of the palatial resorts or the award-winning restaurants here to feel special and conjure that extra cheer to your life. A private and bespoke tour of Sydney that is tailored to suit your interests is another way to have a holiday experience of your dreams. For instance, if you’re someone who loves fashion, you can go on a tailored shopping tour to unravel the city’s fashion secrets while having a personal stylist to assist you. 

If you're in Sydney seeking new adventures and experiences, there are experiences such as the Sydney BridgeClimb, hot-air ballooning, chartered aerial tours and so on.  

Posted on April 01, 2021

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