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Sydney is a marvellous city with many stunning qualities—from its easy-going lifestyle to its beautiful wealth of nature. It also boasts of being home to a number of heritage buildings and structures that attracts tourists across the world to the city. The iconic Sydney Harbour is one of the mostly visited tourist destinations and is popularly known for its luxury facades and experiences on offer. These complement well for the fun-loving population in the city as everyone loves to indulge in occasional luxury. For those of you who are looking for a pleasant luxury experience, here are some wonderful options for you.

As Sydney’s premier cruise operator, Australian Cruise Group is a popular presence at the iconic harbour. During weekends and on special days and holidays,a good number of people come to the harbour to chill out or simply spend quality time with their loved ones. To add some luxury to their time spent at the harbour, some people visit the multi-hatted waterfront restaurants or hotels in the area. The luxury Sydney lunch cruises are also a favourite pick among them; these vessels offer short trips around the harbour and treat guests to a delicious meal that is specially prepared by experienced chefs. Clearview Cruises is a premium luxury vessel that is owned and operated by Australian Cruise Group and it serves a perfect ambience to indulge in a luxury time-out from your usual routines. The vessel is an 85-ft glass pontoon with large floor-to-ceiling glass walls that gives an impression to the guests on board  that every seat feels like a window-seat. Clearview had three decks—the dining salon, the mezzanine cocktail lounge and the SkyDeck with a retractable roof. There are two cruise dining options offered by Clearview -  a Sydney glass boat dinner cruise experience and a lunch cruise experience. Depending on the package you choose, the glass boat offers a unique cruise journey that you’ll always cherish. To see the beautiful evening sights at the harbour, hop on board a dinner cruise whereas you can choose a lunch cruise to see all the attractions clearly from up-close. We love it when we have photographers on board our cruises! As the cruise sails past the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, it’s a fine opportunity to capture breathtaking photos of these architectural brilliances. Or you can also simply use your phones to click some amazing selfies and group photos for the gram. On your trip, the cruise passes through the most scenic routes and you will get to see many popular places in the city such Luna Park, Bradley’s Head, Shark Island and many important buildings and offices run by the government. While the glass boat lunch cruise offers a delicious banquet spread, the dinner package includes a fantastic signature menu, both of which are prepared to perfection by experienced chefs on board. You can enjoy your meal while watching the stunning views and sipping on your favourite drinks. The fully licensed bar on board the cruise is stocked with a collection of finest wines, beers and more. You can purchase a beverage package to enjoy a wide selection of house spirits, wines and beers. 

The glass boat is an apt venue to host important meetings, conferences, weddings, let alone any special gathering you’ve been planning for days. The cruise doesn’t allow large tour groups or individuals below the age of 18 to maintain decorum on board. If you’ve been looking for an event space too, Clearview can function as a chartered venue that promises a wonderful experience. You can approach our charter team for more details or to get a tailored quote that suits your budget and taste. Book your glass boat cruise today! 

Posted on May 07, 2021

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