Elite Experiences On Sydney Harbour- For The Luxury Traveller

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise
Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Like any other big city, there’s no limit to the things to do in Sydney! We’ve curated the ultimate list of things to do, places to see, sights and sounds to surround yourself with and dining experiences that redefine luxury vacation ideals! Ranging from Sydney Harbour dinner cruises to experiences that’ll quite literally take you to cloud 9- let’s dive right in, shall we?


Hunter Valley 

Grapevines were first brought into the Hunter Valley by the 18th century settlers and thanks to this forethought, the quaint little area has been transformed into a world-famous Australian viticultural centre. 

Indulge your senses in the ultimate fine wine and dine extravaganza as you celebrate the spirit of luxury in one of Hunter Valley’s smatterings of stunning boutique hotels and Michelin-star worthy restaurants. 

Just a 2-hour drive away from Sydney’s hustle-bustle, the charming colonial architecture and the old-world allure draws you in- staycations are made of experiences like this! 


Clearview Dinner Cruises In Sydney

What happens when you combine a glassboat dinner cruise with fine dining and the spectacular Sydney Harbour? Why, you simply get yourself the best possible luxury experience there is- a Clearview Sydney Harbour dinner cruise! 

An elite dining experience awaits you- enjoy 360° views of the Sydney Harbour from your glassboat dinner cruise where every seat is as good as a window seat! Stroll the Skydeck and enjoy canapés and drinks as you take in the views in the first hour of your cruise. In the large glass-walled dining saloon, a feast awaits- an 8-course seafood inspired degustation menu rounds off this luxury dinner cruise experience in Sydney. 


Spa Rejuvenation

The feeling of a silky robe against your skin, as you kick back and indulge in a luxurious spa treatment- feel your chakras realigning themselves into harmony as you unlock calmness like never before. 

Sydney’s no stranger to luxury spas- and the Roman inspired epic spa at the Langham is a blogger-favourite! Another well-awarded spa is the Darling Spa and not without reason- book a treatment and find out for yourself why! 

Revitalise and feel rejuvenated with indulgent therapies in Sydney’s best spas to feel like a truly elite traveller in the harbour city. 

On Cloud Nine

Sydney From Up Above 

Much has been said about the Sydney skyline but to truly take your Sydney luxury travel to the next level (quite literally), see Sydney from the skies by opting for a Helicopter tour of the city. Marvel at the aerial views of the city’s iconic attractions of the most beautiful harbour city in the world.  


Private Tour Of Sydney Opera House 

Mention design extraordinaire in Sydney Harbour and the first thing that strikes most minds is the Opera House. How would you feel about exploring Australia’s picture-postcard beautiful Opera House in an intimate tour offering inside access to the exclusive areas reserved for the performers and their crew? Too good to be true? You, my dear sir/madam, are now in the true lap of luxury! 

Sydney always sets the scene for your travel- regardless of whether you’re looking for luxury experiences in the city or if you’re on the lookout for budget friendly ways to have fun- there’s always something for everyone in Sydney! 

Posted on September 17, 2019

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