De-stress over Distress | How to Make the Best of Lunch Breaks at Work

There are a few things about a regular office job that cause our eyes to sparkle and a good one-hour long lunch break is surely one of them. It is the time you hang out with your colleagues, enjoy good food or destress from your hectic workload. In Sydney, lunch breaks are a popular time of the day when people come out to dine with their friends or work-buddies. If ever, you need a change from your usual lunch-hour routine, here are some interesting options for you in the city. 

Do you ever go out to lunch with your boss? It might not be an everyday thing, but when the boss suggests going out for lunch, it’s indeed something to look forward to—call it ‘team building’ or an opportunity to get to know your team members better! Perhaps you could even choose a fancy place where you can have a fun team building experience. A lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour would be an amazing choice as it not only promises good food but also a great ambience plus views of the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Clearview Cruises is a premium glass boat on Sydney Harbour that is apt for corporate groups. The ultra-modern layout of the vessel exudes redefined standards of luxury and sophistication, making it a perfect spot to be with your work-friends. This unique lunch cruise offers a deluxe banquet menu with an interesting handful of upgrades—from drinks and beverages to lobster dishes and everything in between. Spend time with your colleagues on board the glass boat, surrounded by stunning 360° views of the harbour attractions while munching on a scrumptious spread of freshly prepared dishes. Book your seats right away for a team lunch experience with your boss for the weekend. 

If you’re someone who prefers light meals over heavy and time-consuming meals, Sydney is the best place for it. You can gobble down a snack-like meal and spend the rest of your lunch-hour doing the things you like. A light meal, although sounds less exciting, is technically an easy and clever way of managing time. You might even get a good half-an-hour to scuttle out of your office and do your thing. If you’re someone who loves having some alone time to yourself, a light meal would easily spare you some extra minutes. Sydney has a large number of takeaway restaurants to make things easier for you. You can get your food from any of the takeaway parlous and head over to your favourite spot to peacefully enjoy your meal. Perhaps you could go to a park, a library or any of the places in the city that are worth exploring. From barbecue, pizzas and grilled dishes to burgers, steaks and pastries, there are a lot you can choose from when having a light meal in Sydney. 

Strolling outdoors for a whiff of fresh air under the trees could be one of the best ways to hit reset. After all, to be yourself at work requires you to be de-stressed and not distressed. A blissful way to take the much-deserved break at work is to get into nature. Sydney is blessed with plenty of beautiful gardens such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Chinese Garden of Friendship, where you can unwind and feel relaxed under the cool canopy in the company of lush green plants, blooms and ocean views. Here, you can perhaps take a guided meditation to calm your senses and feel attuned to them before getting back to work. 

To conclude, we urge you to realise that knowing your workplace does not only mean what you can do within the walls, but also knowing what you can do outside work during the breaks and weekends. Hope you have a great working day! Ciao.

Posted on July 02, 2021

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