Come Fall In Love With Sydney this New Year’s Eve with Clearview Cruises

Sydney Harbour NYE Cruise
Sydney Harbour NYE Cruise

Welcome to the party to kick off the decade

The Sydney Harbour sets the stage and puts up a show for an annual end-of-the-year spectacle. Become a part of a crowd that’s a million strong; and YET live through an experience unlike any other. Feel the energy and spirit of the celebrating crowd; and YET spend the evening on a luxury cruise that caps its booking for NYE to avoid overcrowding and ensure the comfort of the guests. 

Welcome to the Clearview Sydney New Year’s Eve cruise!

Take in the sights and sounds of the celebration from the water- the Sydney New Year fireworks display is all set to wow the crowds. And with a vantage point like a Clearview New Year’s Eve cruise, you’ve got ring-side tickets to the show! 

The Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks display is a vibrant visual spectacle and an exhilarating exhibition of colours that’s sure to mesmerise everyone watching. Watch the city come alive in all its spectacular glory. On board a Sydney New Year’s Eve cruise you get to enjoy the Sydney New Year fireworks in a party ambiance that’s away from the crowds.

Glass Boat Elegance & Falling In Love With Sydney

The magic of Sydney NYE is best experienced on board a glassboat- you get to surround yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours and get 360° views of all the harbour events taking place on New Year’s Eve! 

Watch the spectacular air displays, pylon projections, bridge effects, 9pm family fireworks, midnight world-famous Sydney New Year’s fireworks and the stunning Harbour of Light parade! It’s safe to say that by the end of the night, the infectious spirit of Sydney has you in its web- and you’ll be, without a doubt, falling in love with Sydney. 

A Confirmed Participant in the Harbour of Light Parade

This year, Clearview is a proud participant in the spectacular Harbour of Light Parade- a captivating display of vessels allowed in the exclusion zone, roving along to a choreography from the Cockatoo Island to below the Harbour Bridge all the way up to Clark Island. The selected vessels are illuminated with a special rope light transforming the harbour into a ‘Sea of Colour’.

Start off 2020 right- and come fall in love with Sydney! Make your way out to the Sydney Harbour on a NYE cruise and experience premium cruising, only with Clearview Cruises! 

Posted on November 19, 2019

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