Best Things To Do In Sydney in September

Vivid Light Festival

The month of September in Sydney sees the last spell of winter chills and a bucket load of activities to keep you occupied throughout the month. Whether you’re planning to stay indoors or head out, the city has some of the best experiences and activities on offer. Here’s a look-see into some of them. 

Vivid Sydney

While the pandemic is still raging out there, Sydney has shown great signs of resilience. Last year, the iconic festival of lights, music and ideas was cancelled due to the unfortunate circumstances and this year we are excited to welcome back the Vivid light festival in full swing. This regional festival invites thousands of visitors every year to the city. However, this year we may see a drop in the number of visitors. Some of the best activities you can engage in at this world-famous festival are roaming around the Vivid precincts to see all the mesmerising installations and light projections, going on a photo walk at these venues, listening to Vivid Music and ideas and many more. Go to the Vivid Sydney website to get more information regarding the events.  

Whale Watching 

The best time to go whale watching in Sydney is between May and September. And if, during the winter season, you stand by the sea, you’re most likely to spot the majestic whales popping up to say hello. The humpback whales are known to move along the New South Wales coastline during the winter season. And while Sydney gets colder, these whales, some 20,000 in count, begin their journey towards the warmer waters to mate and give birth. Some of the beaches in Sydney are known for the lesser found whale species including orcas and minkes. 

Carriageworks Farmers Market

After a tumultuous few months, the famous Carriageworks market is opening to the public. This August, head over to the Carriageworks market to go on a shopping spree. As one of Sydney’s premier fresh food and produce markets, Carriageworks is a great place to enjoy whatever you crave for. If spendthrift is the good choice of a word to define your personality, this market is a worthwhile place to spend a lot of money.  

Travelling in Sydney during the winter season is not an herculean affair and it’s unlikely to need exclusive winter clothing too. For the same reason, it’s a wonderful time to visit all your favourite places if you’re ready to brave the slightly chilly weather and perhaps a little rain. Here are some useful winter travel tips for you: 

  • Look out for Sydney’s pubs and bars that have an open fireplace to stay warm after dark. 
  • If you’re planning to travel during this period, make sure you book well in advance of the peak period during early July, which is the two-week NSW school vacation and the weekend during Vivid festival. Especially if you wish to book a Vivid cruise or an exclusive Vivid experience at any of the venues in the city. 

The city of Sydney is a great place for the creative-minded and not a month goes by without events and art workshops of all kinds—photography, painting, quilting, flower crown making, tote bag making and more. It’s natural to feel bored and drained after being indoors all the time and cut off from the outside world. If at all the lockdowns get extended, we might have to call off our plans yet again. But hey! Let’s stay positive. There are exclusive and amazing virtual experiences that are perfect for us. So, let’s not lose our hearts now and keep hoping for the day everything gets better.  

Posted on July 16, 2021

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